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At first glance,


I don’t cast the shadow of

someone who hikes 45 pounds of

camera gear around on their


back from Montana to


the plains of Africa


simply to photograph


nature in its purest form. 

But I am that person.

k. ashworth


Along the way I have seen the best and worst of what this world has to offer, or for that matter, throw at me.  It is during those times, alone with my camera, that I feel most alive.


The images those trips have etched into my mind’s eye dwarf any of the pictures represented here.  These pages are merely reminders of the places I’ve been and the experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had.


I can never photograph the sound of the leaves crushing beneath my feet, the feel of the wind as it moves through the aspens, the way my heart beats when I come face to face with an alpha wolf or the rumble of a herd of horses as they pass. 


These are things I truly love.


My photographs do not smell like rain on a summer’s afternoon, sound like a flock of birds as they take off at sunrise, or feel like the snow as it lands lightly on your face.  My camera is the vehicle that takes me to those places and gives me the stories that quietly reside behind each of my images.


I walk carefully on this planet.  I believe it is my responsibility to the things I love to do so.  Through my lens I have seen how fragile the earth can be.


My camera has taught me things no professor ever could.  My photographs are the souvenirs I have brought back for each of you.  This magical tool I lug around has been my key to places far beyond what I ever would have experienced without it…the friends I have met, the places I have been, the experiences I have had.  It has allowed me to freeze time with the click of my shutter and preserve it for others to enjoy.  But time marches on…and many of the beautiful things we take for granted are marching on with it.


My camera has taught me to be a protector of nature and beautiful things.  We are only visitors here and frankly, we are not taking very good care of things for those people, born and unborn, that will come after us.  


Take nothing for granted.  Things are beginning to disappear even now.  The human race is a powerful and intelligent race, and we have great numbers. 


One person at a time, one day at a time, one kind act at a time, we can help preserve what we love most about earth.  Please get involved.  You can make a difference. ‘




Tread Lightly.

  Enjoy the things I have seen.

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